A Message from the Principal...

Kate Maggs

At Allstars Studio you get the best! The best of friendships! The best environment! And the best most comprehensive performing arts education on the coast!

 Are you ready to rock 2020!


Make 2020 your best year yet! Enjoy your training! Be empowered by passionate and qualified teachers. Excel at new style!s. Live outside your comfort zone. 

Be truly inspired, guided and supported through your performing arts journey.


Allstars Studio is a unique studio, with a family environment and meticulous detail to achieving supreme technique in all genres of the performing arts. 


Don't just settle for current ability, let your passion drive you further and trust the studio with the proven track record and industry working alumni.

So if you are ready for an amazing year of dance We are so excited to see where 2020 takes us!               


Allstars Studio is entering its 17th year of operation and proudly boast current industry working professionals flying the Allstars flag on Australian Television (Tasmin Cummins

& Ali Benstead), Resorts World Genting Theme Park Malaysia (Georgie Walsh), Moulin Rouge in Paris (Molly McLaren) Disney Shanghai (Alana Denley &Tahlia Wiegold).


Allstars offers your child the best, most comprehensive dance, drama and acrobatics training on the Mid North Coast, with a unique learning environment where your child will thrive. From the serious dancer to the casual recreational students, if you have the passion we can do the rest!


For any dancers out there who are new, or back line, or dance doesn’t come naturally to you, but you love it can I just say, push on! Let your passion lead you. Be in class. That’s all that’s needed, because hard work beats natural talent every time when natural talent doesn’t work hard!


Our 2019 concert was an absolute credit to the amazing talent of our staff and students right through from our structured students to our fun one class per week students. We absolutely rocked the house and had feedback from the audience such as:

‘The show was world class’ ‘the most entertaining and professional production I have ever seen’,

‘I could have been at a Rockettes show in New York’.


So don't just 'hope' that your child will improve, train at the studio with proven results and a long term record of training students who have covered the globe as industry working professionals including Las Vegas USA, Bollywood films INDIA, Norwegian Cruise Line USA and Greece, Princess Cruise Lines USA and ASIA, The Wiggles AUST, The Moulin Rouge in Paris and Disney Enterprises as well as former students who are teaching in highly regarded Sydney, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Darwin and Newcastle performing arts studios. 


Allstars prides itself on having fabulous choreography in every style. We use the best, most appropriate music, have intricate and meaningful combinations, paired with the best costumes on the coast. You will always be wow’d by an Allstars performance.

Our Ballet, Tap and Acrobatics programs are also well celebrated and add so much variety to every students dance week. We follow the RAD syllabus , The Acrobatic Arts syllabus and the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus, all of which offer brilliant foundation training for your child, while being fun and fabulous! We are also the only studio outside of the Sydney metro area to offer Calisthenics. Another incredibly artistic genre which uses clubs and rods to perform mind blowing routines that will amaze you every time you see them! 

It’s no longer enough to be a triple threat! Train at the studio that will make you a quintuple threat!

Some people want it to happen... some people wish it would happen... some people MAKE it happen!

Allstars 2020.